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Double Height Living Room – Pros and Cons of Living a “Height-ed Life”

living room

How do you judge a house? By its functionality, its beauty? But over and above, spaciousness is what attracts a layman and even the professional architects. Indeed a spacious home offers better ventilation, increased light and an incredible feeling of lots and lots of space. Families with children will understand how much do children love to run around in their homes! Isn’t it? 


Double Height Living Room


An architectural trend these days is having a double-height ceiling. Double height ceiling adds so much drama to your living rooms. A typical ceiling measures around 10-12 feet high, a double-height living room would be twice the standard height. A double-height living room feels more spacious, and the rooms look much more extensive. This type of design in living rooms gives a functional advantage and an aesthetical look to the rooms. It is a method of creating spaces and defines a focus point that attracts the beholder. An essential element is the texture and designs that provide a unique ceiling design. 

1. First, Read Some Of The Fantastic Features That High Raised Ceilings Bring Along:

High Raised Ceilings

  1. Even if the house looks smaller, the double-height top can make it look much larger.
  2. Double height ceiling adds a depth to the rooms and binds all the elements in the room together. 
  3. A double-height cleaning would look excellent for a small-sized apartment. 
  4. It allows the designer to create a stunning area that is pleasing to the eyes. 
  5. It removes the hindrances caused by traditional or regular ceilings. 

2. Read Here More About The Pros That The Double-Height Ceiling Has To Offer To Your Rooms

  • The rooms look more spacious, now that is a piece of excellent news!
  • If windows are added to the top part, then it allows more natural light into the room.
  • More enormous ceilings with huge windows can also help create an illusion of space in the rooms.
  • If you go for monochromatic colours, it will give off all the aesthetic vibes.
  • The double-height ceilings and walls make the rooms look larger.
  • The rooms look much edgier and sophisticated.
  • If you love keeping houseplants, then high raised ceilings is a great option to maintain them.
  • The high raised walls help the entire home to look like an open space.
  • A double-height ceiling in your offices, residences, is sure to give a royal touch to the area.
  • The rooms can get a luxurious feel if you go with rich colours and textiles.
  • You can add your favourite piece of artwork on those long walls.
  • If the house is built near a sea or beach, then you get a 24/7 constant view of the waters from your room.
  • A double-height ceiling allows you to add more decorations without having to adjust between spaces.
  • If you are a book lover, a large ceiling can be a great way for a spectacular bookshelf.


3. Read Below Some Of The Cons That A  Double-Height Ceiling Can Cause:

  1. Regular maintenance, filling the cracks, painting the large walls, or maybe replacing the light bulbs. All of these can be so difficult, maybe next to impossible. Right?
  2. You might have experienced that open spaces make a lot of noise. That applies the same to high raised walls and ceilings.
  3. Agreed that it gives more natural light, but that also means more and more summer heat to your rooms. 
  4. Just not the heat, it can actually burn your pockets too. Double height ceilings are not cheap. Double the height of the walls, thus, double the price of the house! 

These were the advantages and disadvantages of building a double-height ceiling in India. What do you think would dust your homes? Anyway, the only quote that comes to mind is, “The sky is the limit”.


That was all for double-height ceilings and rooms in India. Do read our other blog posts too!


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