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Duplex House Floor Plans as Per Vastu


Duplex House Floor Plans as Per Vastu

Duplex houses are quite popular in India. However, they have become common now, but not all of them can give a pleasure and quality lifestyle. Everyone dreams of having a beautiful duplex house, but it is not easy to find perfect Duplex house floor plans India. You need an expert to get the best floor plan that suits your needs. A perfect plan helps to get a lavish lifestyle. The Duplex house can have 2BHK, 3BHK, and 4BHK.

Like every other home, the Duplex homes should also be according to Vastu Shastra. Both living and non-living things radiate energy. Whether it is big or small, every single home breathes, and it has a unique aura. Earlier, it was just a hypothesis for people, but instruments like lecher antenna and Thermo Aura that are conduction studies in the field show that a house radiates energy.

We would love to share some Vastu tips for Duplex homes that will bring a positive aura to your home.

1. Staircase

StaircaseThe staircase is important in Duplex homes. According to Vastu Shastra, the best place to position a staircase is South, Northwest, and Southwest direction. However, stairs that are in the Southeast direction can lead to legal problems.

Remedy for this VastuDosha

You can choose any color that belongs to the red family. You will need to apply nine cranial stones in the Southeast direction. Moreover, even the North direction is also not considered as a good direction for building the staircase. If you cannot shift the staircase, you can ensure that nothing is being stored under the stairs. Moreover, you can also apply light yellow color under the stairs as a remedy.

2. First Floors

  • Balconies on the upper floors need to be positioned in the East, North, or Northeast direction.
  • Study rooms and bedrooms need to be located on the first floor as these personal spaces need calm and peace.
  • You should ignore storing heavy things on the first floor.
  • Windows and doors need to be placed in the East and North direction.
  • The ceiling height of the first floors needs to be less than the lower floors.

3. Pooja Room

According to Vastu direction for Duplex house design Indian style, the Pooja room should be facing the East, North, or Northeast direction. It should be put at the house’s centre. The Pooja room should not be placed on the first floor. The main reason for not having a Pooja room on the first floor is because it can be difficult for the older people of home to go to the temple.

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