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East Facing House Vastu Plan 30 x 40 – Vastu Tips For East Facing Houses

East Facing House Vastu Plan 30 x 40

East facing house Vastu plans 30 x 40 requirements are most demanding among people. It is mainly because the East direction signifies Social connectivity. East-facing houses are most demanding among ministers and politicians because it can be helpful for them to increase their public connectivity.


East Facing House Vastu Plan 30 x 40


However, an East facing house isn’t the only thing needed to make your home Vastu-friendly. You need to consider other aspects like bedroom locations, Kitchen placement, stair location, etc. Thus, we have planned a 30 x 40 East facing house plan according to Vastu rules. You can implement this plan on 30 x 40, 30 x 50 & 30 x 60. 


1. East Facing House Pada

It is necessary to put the entrance gate of your east-facing house on the 5thpada. The first pada will start from the Northeast direction and end in the Southeast direction. However, you can also make use of the first four padas to keep the main entrance of your house. You need to ensure that the 5th pada will be included in the first four padas. 

It is crucial because the fifth pada is the right direction for the sun, and it will bring positive vibes of fame, name, and respect to society. 



2. Staircase Vastu For East Facing House

While designing a plan for an East facing house, you will get two options to place stairs according to Vastu’s principles. The first option will be in the South, and the second will be in the West direction. However, putting a staircase in the South direction will be ideal.


Furthermore, the South and Southwest directions are considered to be heavier than the North and Northeast direction. When you place your staircase in the South direction, it will become heavy and is regarded as the best choice according to Vastu rules. The rotation of stairs should be clockwise.

3. Bedroom Vastu for East Facing Home

According to Vastu rules, the Master Bedroom should be located in the Southwest direction. However, the second bedroom will be in the Northwest direction, and the children of the house can use it.

4. Pooja Room Vastu for East Facing Home

The Pooja Room should be located in the most auspicious direction of your house. According to the Vastu rules, the ideal location for the Pooja Room is the Northeast direction, East direction, and the Center of the house. 


We prefer placing Pooja Room in the Northeast direction. In this way, you will face the East direction while worshipping in your Pooja Room. You need to ensure that there are no household items placed near the Pooja Room. Moreover, avoid keeping your shoes at the main entrance. 


Pooja Room

5. East Facing House Vastu Benefits

East-facing house plans are most desirable among people. However, East facing houses are the most demanding among people in India. It is mainly because early morning sun rays can kill bacteria and give pleasure, especially during winters. 

According to Vastu principles and our experts at Alacritys, the East direction signifies social connectivity. Thus, the East facing houses are lucky for Business Owners, Ministers, Travelers, Dancers, Artists, Politicians, Entrepreneurs, and Musicians. 

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