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1. Can I know the services of Alacritys?

We are unique in providing creative solutions. We provide services for Design to Execution in Interior Design. Design consultancy for Residential Architecture.

We offer services in the following domains:

2. How does Alacritys charge?

Fixed square foot charges on Residential & Commercial Projects. Varies from project to project work.

  • Bungalow Architecture – Rs.100-Rs.500/ sq. ft.
  • Vastu – Rs.1-Rs.5/sq. ft.
  • Structural Design – Rs.3-Rs.7/sq. ft.
  • MEP Design – Rs.2.5-Rs.5/ sq. ft.
  • Residential Interior Design – Rs.100-Rs.500/ sq. ft.
  • Commercial Interior Design – Rs.100-Rs.500/ sq. ft.
  • Landscaping- Rs.4-Rs.7/sq. ft.
  • 3D Design for extra work apart from two revisions – Rs.15/ sq. ft. & above
  • 2D Design for extra work apart from two revisions- Rs.15/ sq.ft. & above

*Extra GST on the above is applicable.

3. How does Alacritys take fees & do site visits?

Alacritys usually offers below 2 instalments to pay the fees –

  • The first instalment at the time of the work order & to start the layout.
  • 2nd instalment before issuing the detailed 2D engineering drawings of the approved 3D design by you.

 Once we start the on-site work, site visit charges are applicable after –

  • the first 3 Architecture site visits
  • the first 2 Landscaping site visits
  • the first 5-8 Interior site visits
  • the Structural & MEP work-related visit charges separate
  • Extra site visits except for the above ones- Rs.3-5000/visit
  • Site visits out of Pune & PCMC will be chargeable for travel & stay as well.
4. What cities does Alacritys provide services?

Vigorously working in Pune. We offer our services across PAN India as per the scope of the work.

5. How do I connect with Alacritys?

We are available on call, through mail & easily through the Whats app.

Drop a message with your requirements. Our CRM or executive will contact you soon.

6. How does Alacritys process work ?


Hassle-free 5 steps process.

  • Step 1: Free virtual meeting consultancy. Chargeable proposal and estimation.
  • Step 2: Site measurements and work order with 1st payment.
  • Step 3: Concept creation and Design development.
  • Step 4: Site management and execution as per needs.
  • Step 5: Site completion and reporting.
7. Can we appoint Alacritys before visiting their office?

We can have our first virtual meeting, which will be from the comfort of your home. This is to discuss your needs, taste, & budget. Based on this we provide the best consultancy that suits your personality & upgrades your lifestyle.

8. Can Alacritys show design before appointing Alacritys?

No. All Designs are custom made & according to your likes-dislikes, references, suggestions etc. We share our earlier work done design portfolio with you to check our designs, concepts, and working style.

We have a guarantee of giving you 100% design & consultancy satisfaction.

9. Do you visit site & give estimation free of cost?

We do visit the site after 1st free virtual consultancy & if needed. We charge for preparing the detailed estimation, the 1st site visit & to take the site measurements.

10. Will completed project be shown before my site starts?

Yes!! One site visit will be arranged based on the budget you would like to spend on your project. Please note, that the demo site visit will be arranged for 2 or more clients at a time. You can go through our portfolio to get an idea of our company’s work.

11. What is the Work order process?

We recommend you visit our office to understand the concept and process. You will get an idea of the schedule & project design along with the execution dates if you find this difficult to understand on calls/ whats app.

12. Do Alacritys work if the site is pre-occupied or if we are already staying?

Yes. In this case, the time period for the completion of the on-site work will extend because the contractors cannot work in one go.

Please note – The work makes the place absolutely dirty & some of the materials are hazardous for health, especially for kids, pregnant woman & aged people.

13. Can I know project packages & costs for that?

We have different packages for different scaled projects & based on your taste & needs.

Packages will have variations due to the quality of the materials, finishes, & labour charges. This doesn’t include any Statutory Documentation charges.

Architecture & Interior Packages:

  • Standard
  • Semi-Premium
  • Complete Premium
  • Luxury
  • High-end
14. What will be my house project budget?

Please find below details to get an idea of the approximate budget for Standard, Premium and Luxury interiors. This budget does not include civil work & our fees. *Price revised on August 2022.

Standard11-14 Lacs15.6-20.5 Lacs23-30 Lacs34-44 Lacs
Semi-Premium15.2-16 Lacs21-22 Lacs32-34 Lacs47–50 Lacs
Complete Premium17-18 Lacs24.5-26 Lacs35-38 Lacs52–56 Lacs
Luxury20-23 Lacs28.8-33.25 Lacs42-48.75 Lacs62-71.75 Lacs
High-End24 Lacs & above35 Lacs & above50 Lacs & above74 Lacs & above
15. What are your Design & Consultancy fees for Residential Interior projects?

Please check below our approximate design and consultancy charges, Rs. / sq. ft. for 2, 3, 4 & 5 BHK homes.

For sites out of Maharashtra Client needs to arrange for a to and fro air travel (Ticket booking) & accommodation for the Alacritys team for on-site visits.

The client may take an option to get the material selection done in Pune or Mumbai, also. Outstation projects within Maharashtra will be charged extra for the site visits.

**GST on below charges extra.

Fees Structure 2BHK 3BHK 4BHK 5BHK


ChargesAdvanceBefore 2D DWGSAdvanceBefore 2D DWGSAdvanceBefore 2D DWGSAdvanceBefore 2D DWGS
16. Is the advance amount refundable?

The advance amount is refundable if the work is not progressed in the studio or at the site. If it starts, then it is non-refundable.

17. Do we come to know every contractors'/ labours' budget before finalizing them?

Yes! When we recommend outside contractors/ labours, they will give quotations at your request to us. If vendors are from your end, you need to collect quotations from them. When the project is turnkey, Alacritys will give the estimation, which is inclusive of fixed quotations provided by our contractors/ labours.

18. Do Alacritys take project on immediate basis?

We undertake projects which are really in need of priority.
We provide customized designs which need some concrete amount of time, we ensure that the required time & attention are given to every project justifies the design and consulting fees you pay us.

19. Can I get a chance to integrate my favorite Furniture & Accessories into the Design?

This is possible in case it is discussed at the time of the initial Design phase & before starting the work that we can take care of blending of these products with the rest of the designs & materials on which we work.

20. Will I get a chance to know the quality & prices of the site materials?
  • Alacritys gives you the freedom of buying materials &/or finishes directly from the chosen contractors/ labours. We assist you during the selection process.
  • Or you are requested to visit various showrooms and shops (from our preferred contractors/ labours or vendors of CLIENT’s choice) to finalize vendor for selection.
  • The assigned executive or designer accompanies you only to finalize the selected materials &/or finishes. Selection of any is done mostly in one visit and rarely in a maximum of two visits.
  • In a decided project budget, prices may change in case the selection of the materials &/or finishes changes.
21. Do Alacritys accept any changes in drawings requested by Client while executing the site?

You are requested to communicate through WhatsApp or Zoom A/V call for any changes in drawings. This will be accepted once or twice for the entire project.

22. What is the timeline for completion of the interior project?

We give you a schedule & the tentative project plan at the registration stage. Once 3D Design & 2D Drawings are ready, the timeline for the execution will be given to you. We track the stage-wise completion of the project.

Project completion time depends on revisions/changes in Layout, Engineering Drawings, 3D Design, selection of contractors/ labours, & managing payment structure timings.

The delays occur due to changes in designs-concept, selection of materials, and delayed payments to Alacritys, vendors, & contractors/ labours.

23. What will be the project phases & minimum duration of the project execution?

We have considered the below details for the projects to get executed:

-Architecture Work has an area of 2500-5000 sq. ft.

  • 1st Site visit & Consultancy – 1-2 days
  • Estimation Phase – 1-5 working days
  • 3D Design Phase – Minimum 15-30 days
  • 2D Design Preliminary Phase – Minimum 15-30 working days
  • Approval drawing preparation Phase – 15-25 working days
  • Liaisoning Phase – Minimum 45-90 working days
  • Materials Selection Phase – Minimum 4-10 working days
  • Entire Site Execution – Minimum 9-11 months

-Interior Work covers an area, of 1000-2500 sq. ft. carpet area

  • 1st Virtual Call Consultancy, Proposal, & Estimation – 1-2 working days
  • 1st site visit, measurements, work order – 1-2 working days
  • Design Phase 1 – 2 working days/ room (100-200 sq.ft.)
  • 2D, 3D Design & Moodboard Phase- 2-4 working days/ room (100-200 sq.ft.)
  • Entire Site Execution- Minimum 75 to 150 working days
24. What will I get in Turnkey Interior Design services?

We help you to be worry-free, the site execution process includes big & long efforts that are from Design to Engineering drawings, Contractors to Labours arrangement, Vendors selection to Materials procurement, Accounting to Finances, and Design Team to Project Manager, & Site Ending to Project Report. So, we can assist you with the end-to-end solutions if you wish to opt Turnkey solution.

25. What mutual decisions I & Designer need to take?

The client has the authority to decide the team of vendors & contractors from his/her reference or through Alacritys team of vendors and contractors, according to the budget or for specific parts of the site.

These things need to be pre-discussed between both the parties & will be added in the agreement occurs between the Client & the Designer.

26. What Contractors & Designer mutually do?

Designer & Contractors do have the authority to discuss & decide the Timelines, Designs, Execution & do the changes in any of them if it is required.

27. What are my responsibilities to maintain the timeline of the work?
  • Approval of the Designs at the earliest.
  • Selection of contractors & suppliers after the design phase itself if they are from your side.
  • Selection of the materials before the design phase & if required then should be in time at the time of the site execution.
  • Timely payment to the designer & to the on-site working contractors.
  • Timely Payment to the selected labours, contractors or vendors at the design stages if the client has any of them from his side.
  • Direct payment to the supplier/ vendors on time if there are.
28. Will you assign a specific project manager/executive to my project?

Yes, Alacritys assigns a specific executive to your project who would be available for any assistance required during the project timeline. If you are looking for full-time supervision, extra monthly charges are applicable for project management.

29. Does Alacritys undertake civil work for the interior execution as well?

Alacritys do have preferred contractors. You can choose a contractor from there for your civil work requirement or you can arrange contractors of your choice.

30. What is a benefit of working with contractors & vendors directly from my end?
  • This keeps complete transparency amongst all.
  • You can avail of discounts directly by negotiating with them.
  • You can regulate the budget by selecting materials of your choice.
  • You don’t have to worry about percentage-based increasing fees.
  • This option keeps you away from any commission-based dealings.
  • Last and significant is that you pay them directly.
  • You can save equal to or more than our design fee amount at the end of the project.
31. Does Alacritys take lump sum fees?
  • Yes. Only if the project is in a Turnkey pattern. This needs to be the end-to-end solution for you at the single doorstep that is Alacritys.
  • This process speeds up the work in the studio as well as on-site by 50-75% & the site execution timeline is less compared to doing it on a consultancy based.
32. How do I get a vision of the selection of the materials for my site?

We do provide a mood board at the time of initial design phases & a material board with reference pictures once you approve 3D designs.

Before the site starts almost 85-90% of the selection of the material gets frozen. Rest materials might get selected on-site, at our office, or at suppliers’ places.

33. How many Design revision cycles do Alacritys offer?

We offer 2 revisions on the earlier given Design and Drawings. These revisions will be done when the Designer is available from their ongoing projects for other Clients. However, any revisions requested after the Design approval & when the Detailed Drawing is prepared, are chargeable. Rs.15/ sq.ft. on the built-up area.

34. If we don’t like the Design then what?

We give you one Design option in the beginning. If required, we provide 2nd Design option. In the approved Designs, we do 2 revisions if necessary & based on your taste & needs.

We request you to express your taste & requirements to us. We always suggest expressing yourself fully before the Design phase starts.

35. What precautions should I take before executing the site?

It is always better to go with the pre-decided products, materials & designs that avoid impact on on-site work progress & to avoid changes in earlier decided aesthetics plus colour palette.

36. What modification rules do I need to follow?

The Client can ask for any kind of modifications only during the Design phase.

  • Any Structural changes can’t be made once executed at the site.
  • In case any minor modifications are there then it will be discussed & decided mutually between the Client & the Designer to implement them or not at the time of the site execution.
37. How will I get the Cost Report for my project?

Once we complete the project, you will get the detailed Cost Report.

Cost Report charges are applicable as mentioned below-

–  Residential Architecture – Rs.5/ sq. ft.

–  Residential Interior – Rs.4/sq. ft.

–  Commercial Interior – Rs.5/sq. ft.

38. What are Alacritys business etiquette to responding to any mail & accepting reply to sent mails?
  • Any payment-related business emails & chats should be addressed & cleared within 6 working days.
  • Any payment-related disputable business mails or chats should be addressed & cleared within 30 working days.
  • Any materials or design-related modifications should be analyzed & accepted through emails & chats within 1-2  working days.
  • Any contractor or site-related queries should be addressed & solved within 4-6 working days.
39. What are your Office timings?

Our office timings are 9:00 am – 7:00 pm from Monday-Saturday. Sunday off.

40. When can I call Alacritys team assigned to my project?

We are available on calls or on whats app as given in the Design Proposal to you.

41. Can I do Agreement for the Project Design & Execution?

Yes! We follow an Agreement process to allow the Design process, Site work to go smoothly, without waiting till the end. This process needs the initial Work Order to start work.

42. What termination rules do I need to follow?
  • Any party can terminate the program with written notice in case of urgency & any dislikes.
  • In case of the termination; all the designs, drawings, and work executed according to Alacritys shall remain the property of Alacritys only & not allowed to be used by the Client.
  • The Client needs to pay the charges to the Designer & the Contractors, need to clear the Suppliers’ bills as per the stages of the work process & as decided in the agreement.
  • According to our company standards, in case, any disputes occur from the Client’s side & the Client asks us to stop the work. In that case, Alacritys will charge the entire fees for Design & Consultancy except for the last execution phase fees which could be, 5-15% based on the execution stages.

We do consider the Sustainability of the products for a longer duration.

Eco-friendly is the individual’s choice & we work on that if the specific requirement is there.

44. How can I decide Design styles without being much confused?

Before starting the Design phases, the Client has the freedom to choose the styles & change the styles when the first 3D work is submitted by us in case you want something different & even when not liked the given ones.

It is challenging to change the styles when work starts on-site as it changes the entire design theme & this may bring sudden weird variations in the places we execute.

45. What is the difference between Design & Decoration?

These are two different words. Designing helps & controls the details of the products. Designers are aware of the sustainability of the structure & the products, technical & legal parts for the ongoing site work & at the time of the site completion.

Decoration does involve the add-on to the existing aesthetics of the site & the structure of the site. Like, draperies, accessories, look & feel of the new materials with the existing materials of the site.

46. What are the benefits of hiring a professional Interior Designer?

They will be guiding you throughout the process that making work hassle-free.

  • As Interior Designers are trained & experienced, they will assist you in materials selection & your site will have that great look at what you are looking at.
  • Because of their networking in the market, they can easily explore several options for the materials & assist you in choosing the fair one & getting them available on site.
  • They have commands on the software that are used to design the spaces. This can lessen the time-consuming process easily.
  • As they got a good experience, they know what is correct for you, your loved ones, & associates who will be using the spaces you have the plan to design.
47. Why Architects & Designers are so important?

Architects & Designers help to develop society, as well as support shaping the future of the people.

There are several old renowned architects across the world who not only created individual homes or apartments but developed cities also.

Architects do work on aesthetics along with planning which is a double vision that guides people to develop their residences & professional places.

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