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G+2 Elevation Designs – Get Your Elevation By Top Architect In Pune

elevation design

Everybody wants to build a beautiful house, but not everyone is lucky enough to find a perfect design for their home. The first thing you will need to do while looking for G+2 elevation designs is to look at the overall project. You need to consider all the aspects of a project, including the number of rooms and how much space you need.

G+2 Elevation Designs


We have seen a great increase in multi-story building construction in Indian capital cities, especially in townhouses and units. It is mainly because landowners and property developers are looking to increase their return on investment. 

1. G+2 House Design

House exterior


There is a wide range of architectural styles to build G+2 residential buildings. They work well at a place where the suitable building space or land size is limited. 


Before getting the design from architecture, you will need a land surveyor to visit your site and identify all the legal property boundaries. After that, the land will be measured and mapped out by combining technology, special equipment, and calculations. This information is important for engineers, architects, developers, property owners, and construction workers. 


Once the lay of the land is done, an architect will work on the design ideas. You can also share your ideas and expectations and get a set of drawings from the architect, including elevations and plans that you will share with the regulatory bodies to get design approval from the council and get building permits.

2. G+2 Residential Building Plan

This plan will include a set of drawings or blueprints, and it will show a top-down view of the building design. While planning multi-storey buildings, various flat plans will show each level of the property in detail. 


You will get many different plans for the various components of the building, including foundation plans, framing plans, roof plans, sub-floor plans, structural layouts, pitch and farming, plumbing schematic drawings, telecommunication and electrical plans, and more. 


G+2 Residential Building Plan


A lot of planning is required to make a perfect G+2 residential building elevation. You will need an expert builder and architect to plan everything. However, it is better to have a general understanding of your needs, especially when you are taking part in the design and approval process.


The G+2 building elevation gives you a vertical view of the building plan. Elevation drawings can be helpful to see the front, rear and side views of your project. Moreover, details and critical design elements like exterior finishes are required to give the exterior architectural styling of your home. 


Elevation drawings can be made with the help of a computer or by hand, and they can be made more realistic with the help of a 3D computer-generated image. It will be helpful to provide you with a clear idea about the exterior look of your home.

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