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Hospital Floor Plans – Top Floor Plan Design For Small and large Equine Hospitals

Hospital Floor Plans

It can be a difficult task to choose the right flooring for your hospital floor plan. You need to plan flooring that will be welcoming for visitors, patients, and hospital staff. You need a practical plan for hospital flooring. You need to deal with different challenges for a hospital site plan. However, you will feel more confident after looking at some of the floor plans, insights, traits, and tips. 


Hospital Floor Plans


1. Slip-Resistant Surfaces

Falls and slips are common in hospitals due to slippery floors. Hospitals should promote healing without even worrying about on-site injuries. This is the reason why hospitals need to have slip-resistant surfaces that will help to improve grip and reduce falls.

2. Sanitary Conditions

Hospitals contain bacteria, pathogens, and other harmful germs. This is the reason why hospitals floor plans should offer enhanced sanitary conditions. Areas like maternity wards, operating rooms, waiting rooms, and cafeterias must be protected against disease-causing microbes.

3. Durable Protection

Hospitals need floors that can survive beating daily. Hospitals floors deal with stretchers, rolling of equipment carts, heavy foot traffic, and wheelchairs. A flooring option for hospitals needs to be durable and easy to maintain. 

4. Positive First Impressions

For some people, hospitals can be intimidating and frightening places. Thus, hospitals need to have a floor plan that is comforting and welcoming to give visitors, patients, and hospital staff a positive first impression.

5. Insights and Tip 

1. Preventing Contamination 

Positive First Impressions


Hospital floors need longer base options related to height. Hospitals need more protection against contamination. Thus, a 12” integral base is essential in the hospital’s surgical areas to eliminate possible germs and bacteria. It will also protect against water from getting behind or under the existing standard base.

2. Eco-Friendly Floors

Hospitals need environmentally friendly flooring options. Volatile organic compounds are present in some flooring adhesives, and they can be harmful to hospitals’ air quality. In a place like hospitals and clinics, air quality issues should be considered before choosing a hospital floor plan

3. Welded Sheet Vinyl 

Welded Sheet Vinyl


The flooring area of hospitals can be made seamless with the help of welded sheet vinyl. It is highly recommended to use homogeneous sheet vinyl for any chemical or other fluid spills. It should be used throughout a hospital. 

4. Planning Each Location By Type

There are various areas in a hospital that need unique consideration and planning than the rest of the environment. Proper hospital planning is necessary to understand the unique needs of the facility. You should review the hospital flooring materials and the duration of the work to maintain a feasible schedule. Proper planning is always needed to meet the deadlines and standards of the hospital facility. 

Why Choose Us?

Hospital planning isn’t easy. You always need experts to help you make perfect hospital plans to meet all the standards of a healthcare facility. At Alacritys, our experienced team can help you with multi-speciality hospital floor plans, primary health care plans, hospital layout plan, hospital floor plans, hospital site plans, hospital planning, hospital architecture design & planning, and more. Contact us today to know more!

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