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House Front Design Indian Style – Get Affordable Indian Home Desgin

House Front Design Indian Style

India is a nation of diverse cultures, and there are various designs when it comes to the house front design Indian style. The motivation of different designs is dependent on numerous factors like the religious background of people, budget, location, etc. While designing the front of a house in India, you can get multiple options.


We have a list of home design India style:


House Front Design Indian Style

1. Traditional

Most of the Indians prefer living in joint families, and also most of them live in rural areas. However, some decorations on the doors and windows of cultural symbols can give a more traditional look. Thus, an Indian style front design with traditional stairs at the entrance is an ideal option.

2. Modern

Modern house design Indian style often needs the considerable use of wood and glass. You can get the design idea from the latest house design and give it an Indian touch with the help of an object or decoration. There are multiple ways to provide a serene and Indian look to modern designs. 

3. Elevated 



Elevated Indian-style house front design is one of the most popular designs in India. However, elevated designs were initially used for flood-prone zones, but they are popular in India now. The elevated entryway can give a royal look to your home. Moreover, the lower portion can often be used for spacious basement or underground parking.

4. Colonial Style

The British houses inspire colonial style, and many Indian houses have the same look. There are numerous government buildings and houses that still have the look of this design. The colonial rulers inspire this design, and it contains an arch with a driveway as well as space for the garden. The walls and pillars can be wide and block-shaped. This entryway offers a direct entrance to the house for the vehicles. 

5. Simple

As per the experts at Alacritys, a simple Indian style house front design is one of the most used designs which can be found in any part of the country. They are usually two stories bungalows with multiple balconies, one extended terrace, and some space in front and side of the house for parking and a small garden. Moreover, the main gate should be made up of iron and located on the left or right side of the house. This style is most common in India, and many homeowners prefer this simple yet beautiful design.

6. Vintage Design

Vintage Design


Home design in Indian style also contains some vintage designs which resemble good old Indian houses. However, these designs are standard in rural areas and some urban areas as well. These designs include spacious entrances having a basil plant or small temple. The house contains various pillars in the entryway and also space for sitting. These designs mainly include a lot of pillars that are helpful to provide a spacious and airy exterior for the house. 

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