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How To Construct A House Step By Step In India – Know Stages Of House Construction

process of house

It is not an easy job to build up anything. A lot of hard work, patience, and money is invested in the building and construction. It is demanding work, sometimes it gets boring, but the results are permanent assets before the construction process begins. There are many aspects to be kept in mind and things to consider, such as planning, location, designing, various permissions, financial capability, workforce, time to invest, etc. Without wasting any time, let’s know how to construct a house with a step-by-step process in India. 


How To Construct A House Step By Step In India


In India, there are many steps in the pre-construction stage; let’s look at some of the steps that have to be followed even before we start the actual construction of a house in India,

  1. Purchasing the land/site 
  2. Verification of the documents
  3. Designing, house plan, details of the structure
  4. Approval from the government
  5. Leveling of the site/land
  6. A talk with the contractors/main hands behind all the sections included in the construction of a house
  • The builder
  • The carpenter 
  • Electrician 
  • Plumber 
  • Tiles contractor 
  • painters/ painting contractor
  • Gas pipeline contractor 

building construction process from start to finish in India

  1. A temporary water and power supply arrangement  
  2. Construction of the foundation
  3. The footing of the pillar
  4. Foundation of the stone
  5. Making of the plinth beam
  6. Fixing of the frames for doors and windows
  7. The construction of walls
  8. Centering of beam and roof
  9. Borewell and construction of wells/tanks
  10. Water piping                                                                                                                                                                  Plumbing work
  11. Plumbing work for bathroom, toilet, kitchen, and all around where you require.
  12. Laying of water pipes, sewage lining 
  13. Gas pipeline 
  14. Fixing of kitchen platforms, sinks, washbasins
  15. Tiles/granite fixing 
  16. Painting (one coat, double coat, and the final coating)
  17. Connecting the sewage line to drainage 
  18. Compound walls and gate construction

Above mentioned things are some of the main t</span>hings; you can add more depending upon your requirements and specifications. 

House Construction Steps – Let us build a house!

1. Find a Location

Find a location and select a place that you desire. Consider factors like climatic conditions, the land conditions, availability of utilities, and the surrounding infrastructure, neighborhood, amenities, etc.

2. Select The Property

If all the factors fall in your favor, then it is good to go. You will now have to select the property where you want to buy the land for your house.

3. Mind Your Funds

Keep in mind your funds, expenses you may incur, and the savings you have kept aside; it is crucial for you have to be aware of all these things.

4. Start Designing

Start designing your home as per your specifications, ideas, and wants

5. Hire An Architect

Hire an architect for a specified, professional design. A hired professional may help you with many more innovative ideas and examples they may have worked on before.

6. Design Your Rooms

Then comes the interior design; again, you may hire an interior designer to design your rooms, bathrooms, unique function rooms like home theaters and special cabin rooms.

Construction work

7. Spaces

Ensure you design your rooms carefully according to the spaces you need to assort your furniture, appliances, and belongings.

8. Aesthetics

Aesthetics are an essential part of your home; you can explore the net for many ideas you think may fit your taste.

9. Permits Is A Necessity

Getting the required permits is a necessity; getting all the required documents prepared and authorized.

10. Loans And Insurance Policies

Look for specific loans and insurance policies that fit your needs.

11. Estimate of All Your Expenses

Prepare an estimate of all your expenses.

12. Building Contractor

Consider hiring a building contractor.

13. Lay The Foundation

Here now, we lay the foundation for the house.

14. Formwork Of The Building

The formwork of the building, basically a concrete mold, is set up.

15. Installation

Installation of the slabs.

16. Frame The Falls

Frame the falls of your house after marking the doors and windows

17. Plumbing And Bracing

Plumbing and bracing of the walls.

Install the roofing  

18. Install The Roofing  

Install the roofing

19. Interiors

Now let us begin with the interiors.

20. Installing The Pipes

I am installing the pipes for the water supply, waste drains, and vent.

21. Insertion Electrical Wires

Insertion of electrical wires, needful wirings.

22. Installing The Essentials

Installing the essentials such as taps and water supplier agents

23. Painting The Walls, Doors, Windows

Whitewashing and painting the walls, doors, windows, and other areas required according to your choice.

24. Fixing The Tiles

Fixing the tiles you have selected.

25. Installing Furniture

Installing furniture, showcases, beds, sofas, chair, etc


In India, House warming is a significant part after you buy a new house. There are various aspects from religion to tradition that is linked with purchasing a home.


So constructing a house is so much more than just buying a piece of land. So many ideas and hands come together in building one home. Are you also looking for the best architectures in India? Then Alacritys is the perfect place for you. We turn your dreams into reality. Contact us to design your dream home.


Bottom Line: I hope this article has all the answers on how to construct a house in India answered in simple words, step by step. If you liked the article, do check our site for more such content.

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