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Inspired smart living room interior design

Living room is the brain of the home

It is where we gather to converse, to work and play, to socialize and to relax. If you could only choose one room in your home to put your heart and soul into designing, the living room would top the list. It’s that treasured (and often off-limits) space that sets the tone for your entire decorating style.

Pattern Play

Trellis, ikats, florals- The trick to mixing patterns is to pick a color theme and to use big swaths of solid color (the brown sofa, red chairs, and green ottoman) to anchor the space.


Light and Airy

There’s no denying that color affects our mood. Those who are sensitive to their surroundings may instantly feel the energy created by a bright red kitchen, as well as the calm evoked by a serene blue bedroom.

Others may not notice the color one way or another, but the effect is still there.

Color has the power to invigorate, to soothe, to inspire creativity, and even to stimulate the appetite. Start paying attention to the number of red, orange and bright yellow restaurant interiors!

Touch of Trend

Update your living room as you would your wardrobe-with a few new accessories each season. Create a dynamic seating arrangement by placing a set of sofas. It’s a bold move that creates conversation area. An extra-large sofa can mean plenty of room to stretch out, but it can also engulf a room. The trick is to anchor an oversized piece of furniture against a wall and use other voluminous accessories (a jumbo print or a king-sized ottoman) for balance.


Accent Wall

One wall could have cheery wallpaper or textured paint to warm your space. Choose a print or color that picks up other colors in the room. The best accent walls highlight an architectural feature or frame a well-considered collection of artwork. If you’re in love with a bold shade that would overwhelm the room if used on all four walls, an accent wall is one of the best living room paint ideas to inject color and create a focal point in your room.


Create contrast with the ceiling

The ceiling is a surface that is often overlooked. By adding a splash of color overhead you can create a visually interesting contrast with your walls and make the space more dynamic. The effect can be subtle if you choose a muted shade, or you can brighten a white room with a bold color. If you have low ceilings, selecting a cool shade like blue or lilac will make them appear higher so you can fool the eye into thinking the room is bigger than really it is.


Create a custom mural

One of the most adventurous living room ideas is to create a one-of-a-kind mural. A mural can be a small accent or a large, full-wall masterpiece. Choose a monochromatic color scheme or splash a rainbow across your space; there are no rules here. Replicate the work of a favorite artist, design your own theme, or hire a professional to incorporate the colors of your room and the personality of your family for the ultimate living room attraction. If you making your own mural is not in your skill set, consider hanging a large piece of artwork instead.

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