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Penthouse Floor Plans – Know The Latest Trends On Penthouse

Penthouse Floor Plans

Penthouse Floor Plans

A penthouse is known as an expensive comfortable flat or set of rooms located at the top of a tall building.


When the concept of penthouse became famous, initially, developers followed the original term of the definition. However, now the term is also used to define an exclusive flat on other floors, as the developers realised the possibility of higher profits generation with the penthouse concept. 


The concept first became popular in central global business districts, where space and privacy became increasingly difficult due to the rising population. Sensing the demand for modern penthouse floor plans, developers started constructing penthouses on the top floor or building and charged a considerable amount for such units.


As demand patterns grew, developers also started making changes in the structure of building to construct more penthouses, which could be developed anywhere in the building. A building developed in different tiers could have many penthouses.


Now, all architects including Architects Pune & all developers even use the term penthouse to define the exclusive units of housing projects with more luxurious features than the other units in a building because of their amenities and locational advantage. 


Penthouse Floor Plans

1. Vastu Tips for Penthouse Floor Plans

Nowadays, buyers are incredibly conscious about the Vastu-compliance of their homes. All the Vastu rules should be followed while designing Penthouse Floor Plans & Penthouse Interior Design. However, modern experts also have many suggestions to make a penthouse better, according to Vastu. According to Vastu experts, the West and South directions are perfect for the construction of a penthouse. However, North or the East directions should be avoided. 


Penthouses should be constructed towards the southwest corner of the terrace. It means there will be an open space towards the East and the North. The Northeast corner is perfect for a garden. It is also recommended that the structure of the penthouse should be taller on the South and West sides with the best Interior Designing in Pune, that the beauty of it can be enjoyed forever.


According to Vastu, the roofs should slope towards the East or the North for penthouse apartment floor plans. They shouldn’t slop towards the West or the South.

2. Benefits of a Penthouse

Terrace space, privacy, and high ceilings are the most typical penthouses features that differentiate it from traditional homes.


Benefits of a Penthouse

3. Unobstructed View

Penthouses Interior Designing Pune by Alacritys offer ample natural light and ventilation as well as an unobstructed view of the surroundings. These are the things that many people can’t afford in the big city. These units are quieter and more peaceful due to the placements of the units.

4. Exclusivity

In India, the ownership of a penthouse is viewed with admiration. A penthouse owner often enjoys a variety of services that other people in the same building don’t usually get.

Why Choose Us?

Penthouse floor planning isn’t easy. You always need experts to help you make perfect Penthouse Floor Plans to meet all the business standards. At Alacritys, our experienced team can help you with penthouse floor plans, penthouse apartment floor plans 3D, penthouse apartment floor plans, and more. Contact us today to know more!

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