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Rubber Wood vs Sheesham Wood – Find Out The Best Wood For Furniture

Rubber Wood vs Sheesham WoodRubber Wood vs Sheesham Wood

Identifying good quality wood could be a task nowadays. Many pieces look really great in the store, but once you get them, it turns out to be flimsy and you realize this only after you start using them.


Rubber Wood vs Sheesham Wood


Furniture made using high quality materials and wood with a solid construction can last you for decades and sometimes even for centuries. But the reality is that not everything we see at a store is built to last. It’s complicated compared to what you think it would be. When it comes to furniture, there are plenty of choices of base materials like solid wood, teak wood, pine wood, sheesham wood and rubber wood. Once you know the characteristics of different types of wood it becomes super easy to make the choice. Here we have compared Rubber wood vs Sheesham wood which is the popular choice for affordable furniture.


With the growth of interior design market for homes and office spaces, the demand for good quality and affordable wooden furniture is on the rise. While most of the consumers look for good quality and solid wood furniture, they also require something that is not exorbitantly priced. Sheesham and rubber wood is quite popular nowadays among many interior designers for making affordable furniture.

1. Rubber Wood

You might what rubber wood is, is rubber wood furniture durable, is rubber wood water resistant. When you hear the word rubber wood you might wonder, is the wood rubbery? Well the answer is no. the density of rubber wood is similar to ash or made but its simpler to work with.


Wooden furniture


The timber has a dense, coarse grain which makes it suitable for smaller furniture items than large case goods. It is a solid wood product that is good for affordable furniture. The major selling point of rubber wood is that its sustainable. Alacritys Architects in Pune  says this type of wood is not that great for outdoor furniture as its not suitable or resistant to weather changes. instead the best use would be to make cutting board, toys and shelves for your house/workspace.

2. Sheesham Wood

Sheesham wood grows locally in India and also in the sub Himalayan regions. Sheesham is also known as Indian rosewood, Dalbergia sissoo and so on. Sheesham has interlocked grains which make it extremely tough and durable. Its compatible with all kinds of finishing, glues and machinery. Hence its high demand when it comes to solid furniture. Sheesham is highly resistant to decay but susceptible to certain wood boring beetles, and hence should be checked from time to time.


Sheesham Wood


When it comes to choosing between rubber wood furniture or sheesham wood, the simplest way to go about it is to do a bit of research. This will ensure you buy something that lasts you for a long time. Buying the best piece, you can afford will save you money in the long run. Contact Alacritys Interior Designer for your residence or office if you are planning to use wood furniture.

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