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Small commercial office space design ideas

When it comes to renovating the interiors of the office room, there are a few points that require consideration– The first and foremost thing to recognize is– the motive and the goal that you want to achieve from this renovation work. Once you know the reasons for your actions, you can prepare a list of things that you want to change. Here, are a few useful office space design ideas glaring at you:


You can create a picture or, can formulate lines that reveal the mission of your company. By affixing it, in the walls of common area, you ensure that it acts as a reminder to stay committed– to goals and acknowledge the process to achieve it.


Despite having windows and, ventilation– there can be situations where the room isn’t able to lit-up, the way it should. Well, other than changing the CFL bulbs with an advanced LED bulb– you can make use of mirrors, and glasses to design the interiors of the office. It’s true that natural light plays a significant role in uplifting the overall appearance of a room, such that most interior designing firms in Pune use it in their project. By adding more mirrors to the office space, the rooms will appear much brighter, cleaner, and a lot better than what it was before!

Office interior designADD A BOOKSHELF

By adding a bookshelf, in the office space– you can alter the vibe of the overall workstation. It not only helps you in managing your books but, often act as a fascinating thing in the room. Fill it with good, useful, and attractive books so that it interests others in picking one and start reading. A shelf in the visitor’s room is an excellent way of engaging with them and keeping them busy while you are on your way towards meeting them.

Office Bookshelf Design


If you check the projects done by top interior designers in Pune– you will see various artworks, calendars, posters, and beautiful photos on walls. Hanging pictures from any memorable events, office functions, meetings– on the wall is a great way to put them out on display. It not only motivates the team to work hard but, even portrays the glorious image of the firm to the visitor.


Generally, office boards are used– in meetings, for listing the dos and don’ts, and for stating important message to workers. You can change the old trend by allowing others to use it. Place a whiteboard in the common area so that everyone can use it conveniently. If you consult commercial interior designers in Pune, they might ask you to place the board in a position and place that’s easily visible as well as available to all.


Sometimes it’s the small things, the tiny tweaks that can have an enormous effect in heightening the overall appearance of the room. Get rid of junk materials, furniture, and packed rooms by throwing old items out. Changing the colours of the wall with softer shades is an excellent small commercial office space design idea!

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