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6 Best Bathroom Floor Tiles

6 Best Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom floor tile has extended in a surprising number of materials. Nowadays, people are used to choosing bathroom tiles over the standard style. Today, there are many options to select tiles, from stone to cork. Choosing tiles for bathroom floor material is most important because it prevents moisture from seeping below the surface and causing damage. Then it will be smooth when wet that which poses a safety issue.


After that, the final selection usually comes down to balancing style and budget. You should know your options through the guide for the best tile for your bathroom floor, and your decision will get easier. Here are the lists of the Six Best Bathroom Floor Tiles:

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic toilet tiles are quite versatile. The tiles are made of clay, water, and minerals and cooked in a kiln. It will come in various colors and patterns, but it can be porous and delicate if left unglazed. Because of their moisture-resistant and easy-to-maintain characteristics, ceramic tiles are a popular alternative for bathroom floor and wall tiles.


The most common tiles used in the bathroom are ceramic tiles. In summer, these toilet tiles keep the floor cool, and in winter, they keep it warm. Ceramic tile is a type of tile that has a wide range of selections, from color, sizes, and shapes to finishes and textures.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl is the most prevalent bathroom flooring material because of its low expenses. It is fit for every bathroom in the home, from the primary bathroom to the powder room. It exceeds other popular preferences for protection, convenience, and durability. Almost as necessary, the top manufacturers of vinyl tiles have reached a long way in aesthetic enticement and comfort of installation. The material is adherent because you could cut it with a simple utility cutter.


It is resistant to moisture and stains and available in various styles. You can discover tiles replicating natural stone or wood flooring, particularly if you opt for luxury vinyl tile. The installation process is also more accessible, particularly when making cuts, and you won’t have to worry about broken pieces. From the house owner’s vantage point, vinyl is a good insulator and comfortable to maintain. Still, abraded or perforated tiles are difficult to repair.


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Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is a complex, extremely durable tile. It’s also the exact color throughout, so chunks are not as visible as they are with ceramic. One downside to porcelain tile flooring is that it is cold to the touch, prompting many to add radiant heat underneath. Porcelain is considered the best bathroom tiles in India in a sale. 


And since their quality beats that of other tiles like ceramic, porcelain is pricier, though it is easy to source in various styles. The advantages of using porcelain tiles are durable, moisture-resistant, and chips aren’t visible.

Terracotta Tiles

The terracotta bathroom floor and wall tiles in the restroom make a pleasantly old-world feeling. The tiles are red clay and work well in traditional and rustic bathrooms. These tiles step out because of their aesthetic lure and earthiness. You will usually see red clay designs in Mediterranean-class homes.


Terracotta is considered the best floor tiles for bathrooms in India and the most practical selection in the market. In times of upkeep, you will be required to fill the tiles every two years to keep them from getting damaged.


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Glass Tiles

The aesthetic enticement of a glass floor tile is folded on two sides. Covering part of the base in a thin layer of glass makes the delusion of depth and, if tinted, a winsome stained-glass effect. Seated perfectly, this type of tile bears up well. It would help if you selected floor-rated tile and textured glass to control slips.


Stunted glass tiles with lots of grout joints are also resistant to slip. With these tips in mind, consider customizing a shower floor with tiny glass tile squares to create a showy feature in the bathroom. Glass tiles are a distinctive way to make your bathroom stand out. You can stain these toilets in various tones and shapes to produce authentic designs.


The most attractive segment of glass tiles is their aesthetic enticement. Many customized types are obtainable to fit the design of your modern or standard bathroom.

Terrazzo Tiles

Created using a concrete tile that includes chips of assorted marbles, natural stones, and even colored glass, terrazzo tiles provide a solid and durable surface underfoot, making them ideal for the bathroom. Although terrazzo tiles are porous, they can be sealed and maintained to ensure their longevity in the toilet. They can be professionally rejuvenated, making them an incredibly durable option for the home.


If you are instead looking for a maintenance-free option, terrazzo-look porcelain tiles are the next best choice. These tiles will not require sealing. Yet, you cannot rejuvenate it later on.

Final Thoughts

Thus with the above points, you could learn and find the six best bathroom floor tiles to transform your bathrooms in the latest style. Each type of bathroom tile will depict your taste and selection way. Hence choose the best tile which suits your toilets for the perfect look.

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