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Vastu For Home & Office, Pune

Vastu For Home & Office

Vaastu Shastra means the shastra, which deals with the formation of Vaastu. Vaastu banner is based on the mathematical and geometrical calculations of science mingled with Hindu Mythology. If anybody wants to make a house or Vaastu, he has to think many ins and outs of his decision. Because the making of a Vaastu is neither a joke nor a matter of two or three years. It is a matter of generations.

Vastu For Home & Office

So the Hindus make pujas and maintain other rituals or paraphernalia regarding the measures, sides, directions, etc. It means the Hindus do all these things in front of the God of Gods- Narayana. Once this God of Gods is pleased, people believe that they have not to face any obstacle regarding this construction. After that, we make geometric calculations and alignments.

1. Vaastu Tips For Your Home

Vastu For Home


India, our country is a land of multi-languages, cultures, literature, dresses, food habits, but in one matter, India is one and undivided. That is our faith in God and our stubborn and obstinate thinking of our self. So when we make a plan for a house, first of all, we chalk out a land and call a priest for puja. When the puja is done, we call the engineers. They give us a piece of paper which is called drawing. We then send it for court approval. When the court approves, we call the man who makes the house.

  • The mason does all the things in accordance with the measures done by the engineer and the court.
  • Directions are fixed up the north, northeast, Brahmasan are kept open. South, south-west and west should be kept heavy.
  • The numbers of balconies, veranda, and windows should be in north and northeast directions.
  • Pillars should be even numbers and should not come on the sensitive points of Brahmasthan.
  • In a house, the main gate has a special position. It should be bigger than the other gates in size.
  • The main entrance gate should not be placed in the south-west direction.
  • The lobby, dinner place and drawing room should have separate places.
  • If tension arrives in the mind, we should not keep rubber plants, bonsai, and cactus or milk-producing plants in the house.
  • We should not sleep under a projected beam to avoid depression, headache, or loss of memory.
  • The unrepaired device, damaged watch, telephone, radio, mixer, and cassettes should not be kept in the house since they create negative energy. 

2. Vaastu For Office



  • The office should be neat and clean. The temple should never be placed at the back of owners.
  • Owners’ seats must be facing east or north.
  • In-office owners should always sit with a solid wall behind the back.
  • We should never sit with the owner back facing the main door.
  • Owners’ desks must be rectangular. A crystal globe should be placed on North West corner of the table.

Final Thoughts

There are so many trivialities and paraphernalia on Vaastu Shastra, which make our minds strong. So we should obey all these things with an open mind. If you are interested to make a house or office, you may contact us for our special guidance. Please go to the website of Alacritys. Our office is in Pune.

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