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West Facing House Plan – Best House Plan Designs From Alacritys Pune

west facing house plan

West-facing house plans are not hard to get; you need to consult the right expert – Alacritys to get a proper plan. These require extra care and dedication to get it designed properly. There are several benefits of a west-facing house if everything is prepared right according to the guidelines of Vastu. Vastu is one of the most ancient sciences of India.

West Facing House Plan

Important –  If you don’t believe in Vastu Shastra, west-facing homes are a perfect choice to enjoy the warm rays of the setting sun. Put this myth aside and follow the above guidelines provided by Alacritys Architects in Pune to get the best house plan. Vastu Shastra doesn’t say that west-facing homes are not prosperous.

According to the actual guidelines of Vastu Shastra, all the homes are equally auspicious even if they are facing south, east, north, or west. However, you will need to follow some specific design guidelines mentioned in the Vastu Shastra to make any house auspicious. The direction of the house doesn’t matter, but the location of the main house door or entrance matters a lot. You can find various plans for west-facing house plans 30 x 40 and Vastu plan 30 x 40 online. However, you should consult with an expert to get the house design.

1. What is a West-Facing Home? 



The West-facing home is the one where the main door is facing the west. However, many people don’t consider these homes auspicious, but that’s not true, and Vastu Shasta explains everything.

2. What Vastu Shastra Says About West-Facing Homes?

According to the legit principles of Vastu Shastra, all the homes are equally auspicious. Every house facing north, east, west, or south can be made auspicious by following the design principles of Vastu.

3. Benefits of Living in West-Facing Homes

According to the philosophies of Japanese home design, west-facing homes provide a sense of energy and youth. It is a belief that these doors provide an entrance of energy to come into the house. This is the reason why all traditional Geisha homes in Japan have the main door facing the west.

It is believed that residents of the west-facing home are more likely to have plenty of friends and be more prosperous in their lives. Everyone in their surroundings will love them, and they won’t have any enemies. West-facing homes are perfect for people who are teachers, politicians, business people, and religious leaders.


Front door

The entrance of the home matters the most. The main door should be located in any of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th padas. For this, the western side needs to be divided into nine equal parts as a straight line. 1st pada will be the first portion in the northwest direction, and the 9th pada will be southwest.

Ignore putting the main door in any of the last three padas. Avoid buying any plot that is having a higher elevation in the north than south. While designing a west-facing house plan, avoid placing the kitchen in the southwest direction of the house. Avoid installing motors, pumps, or bore wells in the southwest direction of your home.

If you are looking for Best Architects in Pune, India to get your house designed whether it is in the West direction, East direction or any other direction, you can connect with Alacritys. We will be happy to help you out.


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