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Essential Layout For Kitchen Designs – The Expert’s Guide For Your Modular Kitchen

How To Design Your Dream Kitchen

Before starting the discussion about various layouts of the kitchen, we have to know why it is necessary to have a perfect design layout for our kitchen area. The kitchen is the most essential part of our house. Because food is prepared here, or you may say, our health is prepared here.


How To Design Your Dream Kitchen


So it is very important to build a perfect design layout for the kitchen area. This causes convenience to those who are cooking. And it is possible to maintain the hygiene of your kitchen if you have a proper layout of the kitchen. Well, let’s see what the various ideas are.

1. Kitchen With Single Wall 


A kitchen with a single wall is trendy these days. There are enough reasons for that. In contemporary times, most people have to live in small apartments. The space for the kitchen area in these apartments is much smaller than that of the previous days’ houses. Therefore, nowadays it is not possible for all to have a big area for kitchen. From this point, the concept of kitchen with a single wall has been derived. If your kitchen is small, you can own this single wall kitchen concept where the cabinet, the cooking place, and the place for your refrigerator are in the same place side by side. The ideal length for this type of kitchen should be within 17 to 22 feet.

2. Galley Kitchen Designs


The galley kitchen designs shape your kitchen as a triangle. It is an easy design. This type of kitchen has two countertops on each side. Between the two countertops is five to six feet of gap. In between these two countertops, the gas oven is placed in the countertop in which there are kitchen appliances. Where there is a gas oven, the sink is placed side by side. 

3. L Shaped Kitchen


L Shaped kitchen is very common all the time. L Shape Kitchen has plenty of spaces. In the old days, the houses also had L-shaped kitchens. The main advantage of this type of kitchen is that there is a lot of space available. The L-shaped kitchen is made by placing two countertops side by side. One of these two countertops is usually a little smaller than the other. This type of kitchen is ideal for making good use of small space.

4. L Shaped Kitchen With Island


L-Shaped kitchen with island is exactly the same with an L-shaped kitchen. Here are also two countertops adjoin together, but the only difference that is prioritised here is that the L-shaped kitchen with the island has another countertop. This third countertop remains separated from the other two countertops.

5. U Shaped Kitchen


U-shaped kitchen is not an example of a common type of kitchen. But if your kitchen area is made with oval shape, you can go for a U-shaped kitchen. It looks unique and majestic also in houses and bungalows.

6. G Shaped Kitchen

G-shaped kitchen looks good enough in the large kitchen area. Five countertops adjoining together in the geometric shape like the English alphabet ‘G’ is called G-shaped kitchen. The advantage of this type of kitchen is that the user can have a large space to use. Here you can separate your cooking area, the sink area, the area where you keep your kitchen appliances. There is also another advantage; you can also make a dining area within your kitchen.

Final Thoughts

However, whether your kitchen is big or small, it is important to decorate it properly. Behind every kitchen layout design, there should be a motto of cooking in a hygienic and healthy atmosphere. For giving a new and functional look to your kitchen, you can contact Alacritys in Pune. You may also visit our official website, where you will find a vast catalogue of ideal kitchen area. Our experienced and skillful team will reach your house, apartment, or bungalow and convert your dream into reality.

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