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House Front Elevation Designs for Double Floor – Get the Best Designs Now

House Front Elevation Designs for Double Floor

There are multiple reasons why people need attractive house front elevation for a double floor. One of the major reasons is the impression it will leave on people who visit. An excellent front elevation design creates awe in the minds of visitors and contributes to the overall worth of a property. Combining modern ideas and elements can give a distinctive and unique look to your house.

House Front Elevation Designs for Double Floor

Here are some ideas for double floor house elevation:

1. Magnificent Presence 

Window interior

Balance and symmetry can give an impressive double floor front elevation. All the balconies and windows need to be lined up and look streamlined to create perfect harmony with each other. A combination of white and wood can make the overall look.

2. Emphasis on Shape

Similar shapes and straight lines can make an attractive double floor front elevation. It is suggested to have an open balcony framed by square columns. Moreover, the white structure can be used as decorations to keep the simplicity.

3. Green Cover

Adding greenery at the front of your home can be helpful to make your house look beautiful. Nowadays, home builders are using a line of green shrubs and plants right on the top. It can contrast the white and tan colours on the façade beautifully. 

4. Beauty in Verticals

To make your double floor house elevation more attractive, you can highlight the most noticeable parts of your house. You can give your home a unique and appealing look by highlighting the vertical lines of your balcony.

5. Distinctive Style

Wood flooring

Try to make each floor unique and distinctive. Give an exclusive style to each floor. Moreover, you can give a simplistic look to the ground floor and add colours and texture to the first floor to make it stand out. Wood elements can be used in the facade to give a trendy look to your home.

6. Modern Look

A modern and fashionable look for the double floor front elevation design can be explored when you look for a simple and more elegant look. To achieve this, you can use a single tone to make your home attractive. Moreover, you can make the façade of your home striking and refined with the help of elongated windows and the simple lines of panels in the balcony.

7. Some More Attractive Ideas

A beautiful home front elevation design can be achieved by combining different elements. To make your double floor front elevation more attractive, you can use a contrasting colour scheme, maximum use of large glass panels on the doors, balconies and windows to make the exterior stunning and stylish. Also, you can give a unique style to each floor to make your house look more attractive. 


The exceptional exterior of your house mainly contributes to giving it a unique and modern look. The designs mentioned above by Alacritys will be helpful for you to get attractive double floor elevation. You can consider these designs to make the front elevation of your house more appealing and impress your guests.



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