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How to Divide Living and Dining Spaces Smartly?


Small-room apartments with large areas are gaining more and more popularity. Space has dragged to a new level, a bed that gathers in an upright rack. It can serve as a wall between the bedroom and living room and a usable furniture wall on the other side which can turn out to be a laptop table. But sometimes, more apparent zoning of space is required.


The best part about an open-plan design is that it makes a home look and feel more spacious than it is. However, with smart planning, one can easily demarcate divided living and dining areas into two distinct zones without compromising on the openness of the space. If you are looking for ideas to divide your room space, here are the ideas on how to divide your living and dining space smartly:

Divider Between the Living Room and Dining Room

You can use a divider to split your living and dining room conveniently. It will fit and occupy a small space and take little accommodation to cover the area. It is one of the best advantages of using a divider. Here you can see the varieties of dividers in various designs and styles:

Hypnotic Lattice Divider 

With their intricate laser-cut designs, lattice screens work as a beautiful focal point in an open floor plan while creating private nooks. Hypnotic lattice is a single screen divider between the living room and dining room, visually portraying the room in a modernized structure. It is available from traditional favorites to contemporary geometric designs like the hexagon lattice, and dividers are available in many choices.

Double-duty Display Units’ Divider

You can see-through display unit acts as a divider and allows one to showcase exotic souvenirs, accent pieces, and other memorabilia without adding visual clutter.

Panels for Earthy Touch Divider


Wood paneling is the perfect solution for this contemporary home with close living and dining areas. It also provides an affluent, organic feel to the culinary experience.


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Furniture Layout

If you want to visualize your room in a big way, you must fit the furniture properly. Introduce an L-shaped or sectional sofa to create a differentiation between the living room and dining room. Change the orientation of the dining table for sofas to ensure clear zoning between the living-cum-dining areas.

Visualize to Project 365

In this chic contemporary living room with an unobstructed view of the dining area, you can see the use of black and white accents to create visual appeal without cluttering the space. If you are looking for divided living room ideas, you can choose wall decoration that consists of clocks and framed paintings. And you can embellish the kitchen with decorative bowls and vases that give you a noble look. As a result, the design of the living area will stand out and create a subtle distinction between the two zones.

Using Color to Separate the Living Room and Dining Room

Color is a great way to limit spaces. If your living room is neutral with blue furnishings, paint your dining room blue or find a chic way to separate the areas. It will keep them under the same décor scheme without looking too jarring with a different, contrasting color. In addition, it will portray the living and dining rooms as natural with a modern look.


Now that you know how to separate living and dining room areas, choose a style that best suits your house. Moreover, use accessories in the living room to complement the wall color. Keep the rest of the room neutral or within a tight color palette to tie the spaces together.


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The Humble Floor Mats

Floor mats are a perfect way to divide the space. It is a great styling tool as you can choose contrasting or complementary tones. Even you can test with multiple mats if you have a big living area.

Option for Statement Lighting

Introduce statement lights like pendant lights or chandeliers above the dining table and in the centre of the living room. You can also get creative with the ceiling design to visually categorize the space.


One of the easiest and most prominent ways is a curtain. A dense fabric that matches the tone on a sliding mechanism or a translucent fabric that does not visually limit the space but creates a sense of separation of rooms. You can choose a material that matches the kitchen and living room divider of the fabric screen so that the transition between them is manageable. Or vice versa, you can contrast using colors and textures separate from the interior.


A light grey curtain of soft fabric will perfectly fit into a small room design. A linen fabric division with a bumpy texture will perfectly accommodate a boho-style living room. It will make an impressive visual effect and sidestep too much color and layout riff.

Final Thoughts

With the help of the above points, you can find out how to divide living and dining spaces smartly. Thus, you can easily separate your living and dining room with simple techniques. And so, you can see your home in a most modernized look to live.


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